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  • Private Clinics

Private clinics

Private Video Clinics

Private insomnia therapy from a qualified Sleep School doctor (PhD)

  • About Private Clinics
    Price: £99 (Was £150 - Covid-19 price reduction)
    Duration: 1 Hour
    When: 08:00 to 20:00, Thursdays
    Location: Via Skype / Facetime / Phone
    What to Expect

    During a private video clinic you will:

    • Speak with a Sleep School doctor (PhD) about your insomnia
    • Learn our proven & highly effective 5-step approach
    • Find out what caused your insomnia and what perpetuates it
    • Ask any insomnia-related questions you may have
    • Receive advice on how to recover naturally, once and for all
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Our Sleep Doctors

  • Dr. Guy Meadows
    Dr. Guy Meadows

    Guy is a co-founder of The Sleep School and our Clinical Director

  • Dr. Kat Lederle
    Dr. Kat Lederle

    Kat is our Circadian Rhythm and Fatique specialist. She runs our workshops and private clinics in London & Berlin.

    Private Video Clinic Info
Private Video Clinic Info


Average sleep improvements in our clients

  • 86% successfully recover from insomnia
  • 70% total decrease in time taken to fall to sleep
  • 42% increase in total sleep time achieved per night
(In house clinical reasearch study, 2015)
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Our Approach


    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

    We globally pioneer the use of a non-drug based therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for the treatment of chronic insomnia. ACT is a revolutionary psychological tool that recognises that it is our efforts to get rid of our insomnia that can worsen it. We teach you how to retrain your brain to sleep naturally again using acceptance and mindfulness based tools.

    Clinical studies

    ACT has over 100 peer-reviewed research papers proving its effectiveness with mental and physical health disorders including anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain- all of which are linked to insomnia.

    Clinical effectiveness

    In 2015 The Sleep School conducted an in-house clinical study to assess the effectiveness of its approach. Significant improvements were reported across a wide range of sleep measures within just 5 weeks, including a halving of self-perceived insomnia severity. Overall 86% of the participants became a ‘normal sleeper’, despite previously suffering insomnia for over two decades.


    Sleep Doctors

    We attract a wide mix of people from all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities including busy professionals, new mums, menopausal women, retirees, shift workers, medical professionals, as well as anyone with a sleep disturbing medical condition such as chronic pain, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, ME, depression and anxiety. Whether you have had your insomnia for 4 weeks or 40 years we can help.

    Client Numbers

    We have helped tens of thousands of insomnia sufferers from all over the world via our private clinics, group workshops, online course and support products.

    Global Best Selling book

    The Sleep School’s best-selling book, The Sleep Book (Orion (2014) has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide and has been published in six different languages. It reached number 5 on the entire Amazon book sales list together with number one in various categories including ‘Self Help’, ‘Sleep Disorders’ & ‘Practice & Motivational’.

    Who we help

    The Sleep School helps anyone who struggles to get to sleep, maintain sleep, wakes up too early or simply does not sleep at all. We help anyone who can't stop their mind racing at night, suffers from sleep anxiety or who has become reliant on pills and props to sleep. We attract a wide mix of people from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities including busy professionals, menopausal women, shift workers, as well as anyone with a sleep disturbing medical condition such as chronic pain, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, ME, depression and anxiety. Whether you have had your insomnia for 4 weeks or 40 years we can help.


    No pills or potions

    87% of our clients have tried an average of 3 to 5 different sleep medications but come to the Sleep School to learn how to sleep without drugs – because our approach is 100% non-drug-based.

    Sleep is a natural biological process that can't be controlled and trying to do so can actually make your sleep worse. The Sleep School approach is therefore free from pills and potions and rules and rituals. You won't be asked to drink warm milk, have warm baths or engage in lengthy wind downs to get to sleep. Instead you’ll learn to retain your brain to sleep naturally without the use of sleep aids.

    Not Traditional CBT

    The Sleep School chooses NOT to use traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) as it has reduced effectiveness in the long term prevention of insomnia. In addition, it’s use of unworkable techniques such as sleep restriction, stimulus control (get out of bed rule), thought challenging and constant diarizing make it unworkable for many clients.

    Ways we help

    Using our highly effective Sleep School approach we can help clients in three different ways:

    • Private Clinics (London, UK)
    • Workshops (London, UK)
    • Online Course (For insomniacs living outside of London and the UK)

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is chronic insomnia?

Chronic insomnia affects up to 25% of the UK population, most commonly females. Our clients come from all ethnic backgrounds and are of all ages; they range from teenagers to new mothers, executives to retirees, and even include professional athletes!

Why don’t you use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

We choose not to use traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as we have found it to be of reduced effectiveness in the long-term prevention of insomnia, and many of our clients also report difficulty implementing traditional CBT approaches such as sleep restriction, stimulus control, and thought-challenging over an extended period of time. Furthermore, CBT’s control-based focus, the idea that you need to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings, is something that we feel goes against many of the basic aspects of natural, effortless sleep and something that fuels sleeplessness in the long run.

How effective is the Sleep School approach?

In 2015 we completed an in-house clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of the Sleep School approach. We tracked the sleeping patterns of chronic insomnia sufferers for one year after attending one of our Workshops in central London. The results showed that 86% of attendees successfully recovered for insomnia. Significant improvements across a wide range of sleep measures were also observed, including a 42% increase in total sleep time per night (4.8 hours per night to 6.8 hours per night) and a 70% decrease in the time taken to fall to sleep.

Should I come off sleeping pills before trying the Sleep School approach?

Most clients who come to the Sleep School have been regularly taking some form of prescribed, over-the-counter or alternative medication to help them sleep. Our aim is to teach you to trust in your natural ability to sleep and not to rely on medication. All sleep medication exit strategies are provided and performed under the guidance of your Doctor or GP.

How does Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) differ from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

ACT differs from traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in that instead of trying to teach people to control their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories, ACT teaches them to notice, accept, and embrace them. We believe that acceptance of insomnia rather than an effort to control it is the key to recovering from it because sleep is a natural biological process that can’t be controlled; in fact, the more you try to do so, the further away it goes. 

Which Sleep School Insomnia product or service should I choose?

The Sleep School has created a series of products and services to suit your individual needs and preferred way of learning.

Private Video Clinics offer a highly bespoke experience whereby you get to work on a one-to-one level with one of our sleep experts. The sessions are tailored exactly to your needs and you leave with a personalised plan of action for you to follow.

Sleep School for Insomnia app is packed with the Sleep School’s expertly developed tools and techniques to help you overcome insomnia. It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants on-demand support around the clock. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with a private video clinic.

To learn more about our Insomnia products and services, click here.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

We are pioneering the use of ACT in chronic insomnia because we believe that the way in which insomnia has been traditionally managed needs to change. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), is a so-called ‘third wave’ cognitive-behavioural model of psychotherapy. It is an empirically-based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies together with commitment and behaviour-change strategies to increase psychological flexibility. ACT has a fantastic evidence base across a wide range of treatment interventions including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and stress, many of which are associated with insomnia.

Feel free to check out our blog if you are interested in finding out more about ACT for insomnia.

How long will it take me to recover?

The results of our 2015 in-house clinical study showed that significant improvements across a wide range of sleep measures occurred within just 5 weeks, including a 50% reduction in self-perceived insomnia severity. Further significant improvements were then reported at 10 weeks, and then at 6 and 12 months, all of which culminated in 86% of the participants becoming ‘normal sleepers’, despite previously suffering from insomnia for over two decades.

Everyone is different, however, and so the exact length of time that it will take for you to overcome your insomnia can't be predicted. All of the tools that we offer are designed to help you through this process as quickly as possible, but your willingness to redefine your relationship with your insomnia is, of course, a very important factor that can't be ignored.

Is the Sleep School approach scientifically based?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness have a fantastic evidence base across a wide range of treatment interventions, including the treatment of anxiety, depression, and stress. Recognising the strong link between such conditions and chronic insomnia, we're pioneering the use of ACT and Mindfulness to help clients completely reshape their relationship with their sleep, and we've done so with amazing results.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is one of the six core ACT processes, which is why we use it as part of our recovery process. We believe it to be an effective tool in relieving insomnia symptoms by reducing the worry associated with poor sleep.

Mindfulness is about being aware, yet non-judgemental, of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and urges and accepting them in the present moment. Mindfulness practice, inherited from the Buddhist tradition, is increasingly being employed in Western psychology to alleviate a variety of mental and physical conditions, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and in the prevention of relapse in depression and drug addiction.

What is the Sleep School’s take on sleeping pills?

The Sleep School offers a medication-free solution to your insomnia, whereby you can train yourself to fall to sleep naturally, without the use of pills, potions, or props. Whilst medication may help in the short term, it’s easy to become reliant on it in order to sleep, further compounding the problem in the long term.

Is it normal for my sleep to get worse before it gets better?

In some cases, your insomnia can worsen for a few days if you're withdrawing from sleeping medication or other sleep aids. However, the tools and knowledge we provide you with will help you to eventually achieve good quality, natural sleep. If at the start of the programme it feels like your insomnia is getting worse, see if you can embrace poor sleep as an opportunity to start practising all of the techniques that you've learnt.

Can you help me if I am on antidepressant medication?

Most clients who come to the Sleep School have been regularly taking some form of antidepressant medication. The intricate link between depression and insomnia means that most clients who experience an improvement in their sleep are also likely to experience an elevation in mood. Should you wish to explore antidepressant medication exit strategies, please consult your Doctor or GP.

Who is Dr Kat Lederle?

Dr Kat Lederle has gained her MSc in Biosciences in Germany. She also has a PhD from the University of Surrey in Human Circadian Physiology & Behaviour (the human body clock). Her PhD looked at the effects of light on human sleeping patterns, specifically in the elderly. To date, Kat has over ten years of experience in human circadian physiology research and has advised airlines, petrochemical and mining companies all around the world on the issue of fatigue and sleep deprivation. She joined the Sleep School as a consultant and human sleep & fatigue specialist in 2015. Kat is trained in Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy and specialised with Dr Guy in the use of ACT for insomnia (ACT-I). She now runs the Sleep School Insomnia Workshops and 1-2-1 Clinic consultations, helping clients in overcoming insomnia and getting back to living their lives in full.

Who is Dr Claire Durant?

Dr Claire Durant has a doctorate (PhD) from Bristol University, UK. Her thesis focused on the effect of treatments for severe depression on sleep. During her PhD, Claire also completed the Marie Curie international Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Education Program. Claire has been working in the field of sleep and Neuropsychopharmacology (the study of how drugs affect the central nervous system to improve understanding of the brain and behaviour) for the last 6 years, and lectures on sleep science at MSc level. She is passionate and enthusiastic about sleep education and joins the Sleep School to help run our Professional programmes.

Who is Dr Guy Meadows?

Dr Guy Meadows is a sleep physiologist, with a doctorate (PhD) from Imperial College, London. He has been working in sleep since 2001, of which 16 years have been dedicated to helping chronic insomnia sufferers. He is pioneering the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Insomnia and runs therapist training workshops for the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists (BABCP). He has received additional training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) at Mindfulness Training Ltd. He regularly attends, presents, and runs workshops at ACT workshops and conferences and receives monthly ACT supervision. He is currently researching the use of ACT with chronic insomnia. He also has a diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from the University of West of England. Dr Guy Meadows is not a psychologist, psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

What is the Sleep School?

Using a 100% drug-free approach, the Sleep School offers science-based and data-driven support for individuals and organisations struggling with sleep. To date, we have helped more than 25,000 patients naturally recover from insomnia and have educated over 50,000 employees working in the world's leading organisations about the importance of sleep and how to achieve it. We are passionate about creating a world where everyone can sleep better to live better.

What is the Sleep School for Insomnia app?

Our Insomnia app gives you 24/7 access to the Sleep School’s expertly developed tools and techniques for overcoming insomnia. Based on our unique, highly effective 5-step approach, it contains:

- A Sleep Survey tool to personalise your insomnia recovery programme

- Over 75 sleep education videos with insomnia expert Dr Guy Meadows

- Interactive tools to help you come off sleep aids, calm a busy mind, and defuse sleep anxiety

- Over 5 hours of guided audio tracks to retrain your brain to sleep

- An interactive quiz to help you build a new regular sleeping pattern

How much does the Sleep School for Insomnia app cost and how can I get it?

The Sleep School for Insomnia app is free to download. In order to access the full content, you will need to purchase a subscription, which costs £5.99 per month, or £39.99 per year. The app is available on iPhone and Android and can be downloaded via the Apple and Google Play stores, respectively. It is also available online, in the form of an easy-to-follow course.

How do I cancel my subscription or turn off auto-renewal?

You can cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal at any time by following the steps below, and you will continue to have access to the app’s paid-for content until your subscription's expiration date. To end a subscription’s auto-renewal please email us at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

- Visit

- Sign in to your online account your email and password.

- Click on the Menu icon on the top right corner.

- Click on Settings.

- Press the red Cancel button located within the Your Subscription area.

Your subscription’s auto-renewal will now end and no further payments will be taken from your account. For further information about managing Apple or Google Play subscriptions, please read the links below.

App Store Subscriptions (Apple iOS):

Google Play Subscriptions (Android):

How long are Private Video Clinics and much do they cost?

Private Video Clinics are an hour long and they cost £99.

Will I need more than one Private Video Clinic to recover from insomnia?

At the end of your initial consultation and based on your circumstances, we might recommend additional support sessions, although this is not always necessary. Follow-up support sessions are typically scheduled for 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation and they offer an opportunity to discuss your progress, ask questions, and learn additional tools to further improve your sleep and keep you on track.

What are Private Video Clinics?

Private Video Clinics offer an opportunity to have a private session with one of our sleep experts. During your appointment, you will discuss your insomnia, find out what caused it and what perpetuates it, ask any insomnia-related questions you may have, and receive advice on how to recover naturally, once and for all.

To book a private clinic, click here.
  • Carol Campbell (London)
    Carol Campbell (London)
    I had not slept for 5 years – my only way through the night was sleeping tablets until I decided to book onto a Sleep School Workshop. Through Dr. Guy’s wisdom I turned my whole relationship with sleep upside down. He will give you everything you need to support yourself from the inside out, to get you to sleep.
  • Helen Thomas
    Helen Thomas
    I attended the sleep school workshop in October 2015. I had been experiencing severe insomnia for almost a year after hormonal issues had disturbed my sleep pattern. The workshop has made a huge difference to my life. I have improved my quality of sleep enormously and feel so much better. All the help and advice made perfect sense to me and I realised that I had been building habits which were detrimental to my sleep. I have been able to implement the Sleep School methods to break these patterns and get back to a normal restful sleep. I highly recommend the workshop and am so pleased I attended
    Read More
  • Jenny (United Kingdom)
    Jenny (United Kingdom)
    This programme has changed my life in a very big way. I am a much happier person and I feel so much better after 10 years of not sleeping very well. I look at life in a much better way now. I used to just get though the day and dread going to bed, whereas now I don’t worry about it or think too much about not being able to sleep, as it now seems to just happen. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.
    Read More
  • Lowri (Brighton)
    Lowri (Brighton)
    I am so happy, I really thought that the insomnia would never go away, but my whole attitude and relationship to it has changed and therefore the insomnia has changed. Maybe sometime it will briefly return but in my Sleep School tool bag I have all the equipment I need to tackle it. I recommend anyone suffering with insomnia to see Dr. Guy Meadows, it’s worth every penny and it’s such a simple and natural technique. I am eternally grateful. Thank you from a well rested Lowri!
    Read More
  • Maria - Chile
    Maria - Chile
    Thanks to Dr. Guy Meadows I recovered my enthusiasm for life. I even feel completely revived. Due to my insomnia I lost my job and my relationships got damaged, I thought I had lost everything worth in life; even though it took a while to notice some changes in my sleep patterns,once I started to accept my condition and started living my life again, my sleep started to improve gradually. Today I sleep 7-8 hours per night, I’m not afraid of going to bed and want to live my life fully. Thanks for enriching my life!
    Read More
  • Val (London)
    Val (London)
    I have often struggled with insomnia on occasion but it was something I thought I just had to put up with. However, recently it started to occur more and more often and was having an impact on the quality of my life. I had tried various ways to combat it: music, herbal pills, relaxation techniques but these offered little help. I discovered Guy’s course online and decided to book his workshop. I am so glad I did! I learnt so much about insomnia and how what I was doing to try and get to sleep was actually often preventing me from doing so! I only wish I had discovered this years ago!
    Read More
  • Caroline Mack (London)
    Caroline Mack (London)
    “After a couple of house and job moves my sleep had started to suffer terribly. I was always one of those people who didn’t seek help for a problem – if I ignored it for long enough it would surely fix itself. My husband finally persuaded me to go and see Guy and that phone call changed my life. My sleep problems were fixed but more than that Guy changed my entire outlook on life. People often ask me what exactly he does – but it is different for every person. He is qualified in a range of disciplines and is able to take a holistic view of your life and apply specific measures to combat your specific issues. He is an absolute pleasure to work with – always at the end of a phone or email to answer questions, give advice or explain his methods between appointments. I seriously could not recommend going to see Guy enough – even if you don’t have sleep problems! Mine are fixed but I will continue to see him as he has opened my eyes to the world around me!”
    Read More
  • Sarah Broadley
    Sarah Broadley
    “After 9 years of insomnia and trying a whole host of ‘treatments’ and attempts to ‘cure’. I then attended a The Sleep School workshop and i can say it is the best thing I have ever tried – it throws everything else out of the window. I attended 5 weeks prior to my wedding day, so naturally stress levels were super high therefore sleep was becoming a massive issue. Before the workshop and for a few days after the thought of sharing a bed for 2 weeks on honeymoon was feeling me with fear & anxiety, but as the wedding approached I started feeling confident and had some really good nights…then whilst away I had some of the best nights i had had in a very long time. I slept in different beds, in heat, with fans blowing, with cars outside celebrating the euro win and pretty much without earplugs and eye masks! I even had to give sleep advice to my almost narcoleptic husband when he had a bad night! Loving not feeling sick, sore, confused, angry, hopeless everyday! Pretty certain people are preferring my better mood too! Looking forward to enjoying bed time every night. Thank you so much.”
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  • Anna (Brighton)
    Anna (Brighton)
    “I just wanted to write to thank you for all that you taught me. I am so grateful for the exercises and the wise words, it has been life changing, and I am pleased to report that things have been hugely better for several months now. I understand that sleep can never be ‘perfect’, so I am under no illusion that this is a change for ever. However, this is the important bit: I really feel that the techniques you taught me are something I can always call upon, if I go through bad periods in the future. The revelation that ‘thoughts can not harm me’ was incredibly freeing. And if I feel I need a top-up session, I will be sure to come back! I have also used some of your techniques in day-to-day situations of stress and anxiety as well, and they work well for keeping me grounded. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, no-one else is doing it, and I’m so glad I found you, it was worth every penny.”
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  • David (United Kingdom)
    David (United Kingdom)
    “Having experienced insomnia for as long as forty years, it has been a delight to enjoy satisfactory sleep employing the techniques learnt whilst attending one of The Sleep Schools workshops .The techniques are subtle but effective. I am convinced that the techniques used will eventually become universally accepted practice amongst medical professionals.”
  • Ellen Marie (Norway)
    Ellen Marie (Norway)
    “I thought i tried everything and then I found The Sleep School. Since I live in Norway it was difficult for me to attend a workshop, so I got a Skype session with Dr. Guy. That was my turning point, and I think he saved my life. His method is easy to understand, but you must commit yourself to do the work. I found it a little hard in the beginning, but after a while it became part of my daily routine.  After a few weeks I slept like a baby again, and still do (1.5 years later). I am not afraid of my insomnia anymore, and I do experience some bad nights, but normal sleepers do too. Thanks to The Sleep School I got my life back, and am no longer thinking of sleep, I’m just sleeping.”
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  • Lori (Colorado)
    Lori (Colorado)
    “I had seen several doctors including sleep doctors and found no relief from CBT or their other suggestions and the medications offered. It was very frustrating. Until I found The Sleep School’s programme, I thought something irreparable had happened to my sleep drive and I would have insomnia for the rest of my life. Their explanation enabled me to gain some perspective on my insomnia. The programme doesn’t require any major changes or adaptations to your life. It’s easy to implement, and once you get the hang of it, it really is so helpful for improving your sleep. Some of the exercises are good to practise for daily life stressors as well. ‘It’s been a year since starting the programme and I am happy to say that I sleep pretty darn well. Instead of the two, three, four hours of broken sleep that I used to have, I am sleeping about seven hours per night and more on the weekends!”
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  • Neya (London)
    Neya (London)
    “I went to see Dr. Guy Meadows after I went through a divorce. I had suffered sleeping problems when I experienced a bout of depression, and it affected my confidence once I started dating. I worried that I would be unable to start a new relationship due to my sleeping problems. In one session, Dr Meadows taught me not to be afraid of sleeplessness, and taught me some tools and techniques to fall back on if I needed them. This increased my confidence and helped me to stop seeing myself as an insomniac. I am pleased to say that although I still have the occasional sleepless night, I have lost my fear, and I am now in a long-term relationship with a man who happily snores by my side.”
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  • Simon (London)
    Simon (London)
    “I can’t recommend Guy highly enough. Having struggled to sleep for the best part of a decade, to the point where it had a serious impact on my life, i was almost resigned to being a lifelong insomniac. I tried all the usual techniques- hot milk, sleeping pills, sleep restriction techniques- but as is so often the case, the simplest answer is the right one. Guy explained his philosophies superbly, and I can honestly sat after just one session my sleep improved markedly in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, the techniques he teaches are applicable to so many areas of life, I have found our session to be beneficial in many ways I could never have imagined. If you struggle to sleep and worry about it- do yourself a huge favour and go and see Guy.”
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  • Beth (Plymouth)
    Beth (Plymouth)
    “I have suffered from Chronic Insomnia for eight years now and didn’t feel I would ever feel well and happy again. After feeling like I had lost all hope I came across The Sleep School website online and booked my place on the one day workshop. It was a huge relief for me to meet Guy Meadows and others who knew and understood what I had been going through. I found the workshop to be a hugely rewarding experience and it has opened many new doors for me. I now feel I don’t have to fight and struggle with my insomnia anymore and I am learning to accept it for what it is and let it be. Since meeting Guy my sleep has improved dramatically and I can honestly say I feel like a new person and ready and able to look forward to the future. I cannot thank Guy enough for his help and support but most of all for letting me realise that I am not alone and there are people out there who can help and understand.”
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  • Richard (Surrey)
    Richard (Surrey)
    “I had suffered sleeping difficulties for some 40 years which, over the past 15 years, had controlled my life in a very negative way. Having tried Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Autogenic Training, Clinical Hypnosis and a visit to Papworth Hospital sleep clinic I found myself with chronic insomnia and for the last 2 years resorted to a sleeping tablet every night to survive. Whilst searching the internet for a solution to insomnia I discovered Dr Guy Meadows at The Sleep School. My initial thoughts were that this will not work but as a last resort I would give it a try. I am astounded by the results of my sessions. I seem to have spent my life living in the past and future but not the present which Guy identified is where my problems lie. There is no hocus pocus to this treatment but easy mindful discussion and exercise. I have stopped taking my tablets and to date am getting enough sleep each night. The course was so very simple that the results are just amazing. You may think it sounds too good to be true but the truth is it is not – for me this treatment really worked and so far has had lasting results.”
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  • John Armstrong (London)
    John Armstrong (London)
    “As a Police Officer I had worked unbearable shifts for most of my career. When I stopped my body and brain simply couldn’t get into a normal sleeping routine and when combined with life stress I found myself in a spiral of insomnia. I’d tried all the usual things…sleeping pills, exercise, night caps and none of it worked! I attended a 1 day workshop and Guy’s dynamic yet simple approach resonated well with me. I adopted the acceptance theory combined with mindfulness and quickly found myself able to sleep normally again. I recommend The Sleep Schools classes for shift workers and anyone struggling with sleep difficulties. It does work!”
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  • Angela Dix (United Kingdom)
    Angela Dix (United Kingdom)
    “I suffered from insomnia for at least 20 years. It became an overwhelming, crippling problem that dominated my  life and for which there seemed to be no real help. My GP had said that my problem wasn’t bad enough to refer me to St Thomas’ sleep clinic, despite my pleas. I often had to miss events in the evening because I felt too tired to go and was worried how the lack of sleep  had affected my appearance. Sometimes the insomnia would last a few days and I would drag myself around with very little energy. I worried about taking a more senior role at work because I didn’t trust myself to be alert enough to fulfil the role. Indeed, I was concerned at the effect the insomnia was having on my work performance. I tried a number of cures, such as counselling and autogenic training, as well as medication. I had almost given up, but in 2010, a sympathetic boss encouraged me to try once more to find treatment. I was lucky enough to find Dr Guy Meadows and The Sleep School. It was a great relief to find a sleep specialist and someone as kind, knowledgeable and skilled as Guy. The sessions were relaxing and Guy was very good at tuning into my particular issues. I also appreciated the written material he provided me with, some of which was adapted specifically to me. Guy introduced me to mindfulness which has fundamentally changed my attitude to life. It didn’t happen straight away, but has developed over time. Most importantly, since attending The Sleep School 6 years ago, my relationship to sleep/sleeplessness has changed and I have not needed nor wanted to take sleeping pills. My insomnia is greatly reduced and if I have a night when I don’t sleep well, I relax in the knowledge that I’ll get through the next day and  probably sleep better the following night, which is usually the case. This is a huge contrast to my experience prior to attending The Sleep School. I honestly thought I had an incurable problem, but it wasn’t true, thanks to Dr Guy Meadows, whom I cannot recommend highly enough.”
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  • Melissa Katsoulis (United Kingdom)
    Melissa Katsoulis (United Kingdom)
    “My one-day sleep seminar has completely transformed my attitude to sleep and therefore my daily wellbeing. I didn’t know what to expect from a room full of insomniacs and a media/friendly “guru” but any misgivings were quickly put aside by Dr Guy’s relaxed, funny attitude and obvious expertise and intelligence. It was great to share experiences with the other students, and to try some mindfulness exercises for the first time. But the best thing was just listening to Dr Guy’s intelligent unpicking of the mechanics of insomnia. He’s a great teacher and was able to explain the physiology of sleeping (and not-sleeping) in a way that gave me great tools for dealing with the 3am horrors. A year on, sleeping through the night has become the norm for the first time in years. I never believed this could happen without drugs. I still have a bad night sometimes (and occasionally pop the odd pill) but miraculously when I do I don’t get in a panic about it. I would recommend the Sleep School to anyone without hesitation.”
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  • Ian (London)
    Ian (London)
    “I just wanted to write to thank you for all of your help. After following the gentle programme which you provided me with during our One-to-One sessions and using The Sleep School App to help me with the exercises, I am pleased to say that I have just completed one month without using any sleeping medication and now have limited anxiety when going to bed. This was a massive step for me as I had been dependent on using Sleeping Pills for around 5 years. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who suffers from sleeping issues. Many thanks indeed.”
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  • Dr. Hilary Jones - GP, Health Editor on ITV Daybreak & medical writer
    Dr. Hilary Jones - GP, Health Editor on ITV Daybreak & medical writer
    Sleep problems affect 25% of the UK population and lead to 30 million frustrated trips to the GP. This book is a lifeline to anyone who struggles with their sleep. Dr Guy Meadows’ radical new approach to curing insomnia is incredibly effective and, even better, it is natural – no pills, potions or props necessary
  • Professor Tanya Byron - Psychologist, Author & Broadcaster
    Professor Tanya Byron - Psychologist, Author & Broadcaster
    Dr Guy Meadows teaches a revolutionary new method for combating insomnia. His approach is non-pharmacological and hugely successful. This book will be life-changing for anyone who struggles with their sleep
  • Steven C. Hayes, PhD - Co-developer of ACT, Psychology Professor & Author
    Steven C. Hayes, PhD - Co-developer of ACT, Psychology Professor & Author
    Sleep isn’t something you consciously do – you have to be awake to do things consciously. Sleep is something your body does when you move your mind out of the way … What you have in your hands is a truly new approach. In this spectacularly well-written book you will have a door opened that you may not have realised exists. You will learn how to get your mind out of the way … Put your sleep struggle into the hands of this brilliant clinician, and let’s get going. Let’s learn how to do nothing.
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